Visitors may now plunge into the depths of Ozu's urban regeneration process

29 Nov 2022 20:14

Experience in first hand Japanese machi-tsukuri

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Experience in first hand Japanese machi-tsukuri

Cold months in Ozu see reinvigorating weather anomalies!

Last December the 120-year-old retreat was brought to life with sublime performances

Shime Kagura @ Kawabe (Ozu)

7 Oct 2021 18:21

Be captivated and purified by this old Shinto dance performance

Traditional fall fishing-method @ Hiji River

Experience an indigenous swimming style, dressed in full armour!

Autumn is time for Imotaki!

7 Oct 2021 18:03

A picnic by the river to celebrate rice harvest

Practice zazen meditation in a secluded and historic setting

Experience low clouds taking hold of morning skies during the cold season

Nanyo region 'Covered Bridges'

24 Jul 2021 05:37

Wander creeks and valleys in full crimson while following Sakamoto Ryoma’s traces discover

A captivating blend of Japanese and colonial architecture opened its doors after a careful renova...

As summer approaches, everything is getting ready for the opening of the season of this millennia...

Ozu offers guides & gear to explore on two-wheels the old town and its vicinity.

Onari Parade & Festival

14 May 2021 01:10

A centennial parade displaying all the might and riches of the local daimyos

A picturesque train ride along the Seto Inland Sea & the Hiji River

Hiji River Cruise

15 Dec 2020 00:58

Enjoy a pleasant ride through the heart of Ozu, overlooking pastoral landscapes and city landmarks

Step back in time with a special night in a townhouse of historic value

Yoro Sake Brewery, the only sake brewery in Ozu City, Ehime

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