Kajita soy sauce

A rare and historical soy sauce brewery producing brand “Tatsumi” for over 140years

Kajita soy sauce brewery, founded in 1874 according to city record Fudoki, is one of the most trusted soy sauce brewery by chefs in Japan. It’s attention to ingredients, manufacturing method, and tastes has led the desire for notable chefs to visit the brewery, including prestigious Scandinavian restaurant “noma” to learn and experience the art of making koji. 


Kajita Shoten, the owner of the Kajita soy sauce brewery, has inherited and preserved the taste of soy sauce utilizing living yeast that has lived in the brewery for centuries. The only human tongue could transmit such taste from generation to generation and produce their brand soy sauce called “Tatsumi”.   


Kajita Shoten carries out all processes in making soy sauce and miso in-house, from a selection of raw materials to purchasing and manufacturing. The soy sauce brewery, which carries out such in-house brewing, is now extremely rare in around Japan. Here, the cedar vats, which has been passed down for more than 100 years, is still being used to produce soy sauce that takes more than a year and a half to be brewed.

For the most important raw material, soybeans, after many visits to the producers, Kajita Shoten has found the one that is made in Japan, pesticide-free and is naturally cultivated. Tatsumi is preservative-free and additive-free genuine soy sauce made from 100% Ehime soybeans and wheat.


Charlie Kiil

Developer | Mogul

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