Discover Ozu by bicycle! [starting June 2021]

Ozu offers guides & gear to explore on two-wheels the old town and its vicinity.

Ozu has recently strengthen its commitment with the planet (and with local residents) by engaging in a government sponsored sustainability programme. Cycling enhancement is part of the equation. 

A wide range of courses are available. Customization is encouraged. In less than 5 minutes you may be conveyed from picturesque medieval alleys to the depth of green forests (where temples and shrines were once created to appease & enchant local deities).

Environmental enthusiast will find pleasure in riding along the Hiji River banks under the gaze of cormorants, cranes or black kites. Sculptural meanders, overseen by magnificent tea pavilions, form also part of the landscapes on offer in our riding tours.



diego fernandez

Architecture and Culture Research Dep. Director | Kita Management